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Tested, Certified and Proven Perimeter Security and Safety Solutions for The Middle East and Africa

Proven fencing and gate solutions

Fencing and gates designed
for harsh operating environments

Securing borders and boundaries

Security Fencing and Gates

A range of security fencing and gates in vertical bar, wire mesh and vertical bar and mesh combinations offering appropriate levels of protection to meet specific site needs; these include LPS 1175 certified (SR1 to SR5 ratings) and versions Approved for UK Government use at the highest possible level for fencing and gates. 

Security Fencing and Gate

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Designed and engineered to mitigate the effects of vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) attacks employing vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes at speeds of up to 80 km/h, our tested and certified BSi PAS 68 crash fencing, gates, bollards and barriers are the ideal solution for the protection of higher security sites.


Wire Products and Gabions

We offer a virtually infinite range of gabion mesh baskets and panels, typically manufactured from 3mm to 5mm diameter wire for strength and zinc aluminium coated for high corrosion resistance and long service life. High quality wire mesh fencing supplied on rolls and razor barbed wire is also available. 

Gabion Mesh

Oil, Gas, Petrochem & Mining

mining fence

Commercial & Industrial

Comercial and Industrial fencing

Infrastructure & Transport

Fencing for Transport system

Water, Power & Telecoms

Power Station fence

Critical Assets, Borders & Prisons

Border Security Fencing

Sports, Stadia, Parks & Schools

Security Fencing Wembley Football Stadium

Vertical Bar Fence Systems

Barbican Defender Security Fencing

Gates & Access Control

Cantilever Sliding Gate

Mesh Panel Systems

Euroguard Regular Mesh Fence

Crash Rated Products

PAS68 Automated Crash Rated Blocker

High Security Perimeter Fencing

high security mesh fencing

Rolled Mesh Fencing Systems

Trident Mesh 2 Fence System

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Oil, Gas, Petrochem & Mining
Land, Sea and Air Transport
Border, Prisons & Military
Commercial & Industrial
Water, Power, Telecoms & Desalination

LPS1175 Certified Fencing Systems
Approved for UK Government Use Fencing Systems
PAS 68 Certified Solutions
Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification

Welded Mesh Fencing
Vertical Bar Railing Fencing
Decorative & Demarcation Fencing
Acoustic Noise Reduction Barriers
Sports Stadia, Leisure, Parks & Amenities
Coatings & Protection
Galvanised, Zinc Aluminium & Colours


Safety Fencing
Sports Fencing
BSi PAS 68 Bollards, Blockers & Barriers
Security Fence Toppings
NOMS Approved for UK Prisons PIDS
Turnstiles & Pedestrian Gates
Manual and Automated Vehicle Swing Gates
Manual and Automated Vehicle Sliding Gates


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