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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Solutions

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Crash Rate Speed Gate HVM Solution

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Solutions

Attacks on sites employing vehicles can range from acts of vandalism to more aggressive attacks by determined criminals or terrorists.
Vehicles provide the mobility and capacity to allow transportation of large explosive devices and are capable of breaching a site perimeter unless they are specifically equipped with barriers against such attacks.

The most widely recognised and adopted test standard for HVM products in the UK is BSi PAS 68 which was originally sponsored by CPNI in response to increasingly sophisticated terrorist threats.

BSi PAS 68

Equipment successfully tested in accordance with Bsi PAS 68 and IWA 14-1, which cover every form of vehicle barrier from fixed bollards to rising blockers, street furniture and crash rated fencing, is given a classification code which details the products rated performance.

The example below is based on the classification for the Linebacker crash fence which is certified to Certified to BSi PAS 68:2010 V/7500(N3)/80/90:7.3/21.4

5 to 7 part classification code:

V = Impact test type (vehicle)
7500 = Test Mass of Vehicle in kilograms
N3 = ECE Vehicle Classification (2 axle rigid, 18tonne GVW, Day cab)
80 = Impact speed
90 = Angle of test impact (90 degrees)
7.3 = Vehicle penetration in metres measured at a fixed point on the vehicle chassis
21.4 = Dispersion, in metres, of debris weighing more than 25kg (Not applicable for IWA 14)

ISO 9001 Certified

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ISO 9001:2008 is a Quality Management System that formalises good business processes and practices. Jacksons (Certificate No: 913) and Siddall & Hilton Products (Certificate No: 1047) both operate to their respective certified Quality Management Systems. Certified

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