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Linebacker Shallow Foundation PAS68 Crash Fence

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Linebacker Vehicle Security Barrier In Action

The ultimate shallow foundation PAS68 certified crash fence:

SBD and CPNI Fencing



  • Certified to BSi PAS 68:2010 for the performance of vehicle security barriers and their supporting foundations when subject to a single horizontal impact
  • Linebacker PAS 68 crash fence and gate will stop a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 50 mph (80km/h)
  • Shallow foundations
  • Quick to install and repair
  • Single unbroken cable lengths
  • Cable supported with posts at 6m centres
  • Cables do not require tensioning on site
  • May be used as a stand-alone system
  • Maybe retro-fitted to reinforce existing fence
  • Certified to BSi PAS 68:2010 V/7500(N3)/80/90:7.3/21.4
  • Cables, posts and fixings are galvanised as standard
  • Matching gates available

ISO 9001 Certified

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ISO 9001:2008 is a Quality Management System that formalises good business processes and practices. Jacksons (Certificate No: 913) and Siddall & Hilton Products (Certificate No: 1047) both operate to their respective certified Quality Management Systems. Certified

Linebacker PNR option

Linebacker PNR option available which disguises the crash fence and presents it as traditional timber post and rail fence

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